Realization of 3D models

Knives identical to those in-game

In order to offer perfect and unique replicas, we model ourselves our knives. For example for the Karambit, we respected the dimensions as well as each detail like the red point or the aspect of the handle.

In general we could also add the NameTag on all our knives.

Realization of the skins

Skins worked in every detail

Shades of colors, shapes, positioning, but also application technique … nothing is left to chance ! Several samples are often needed before reaching the final skin.

As soon as they exist we choose the rarest versions of the skins to make the knife even more exceptional.

Custom packaging

Our boxes were thought for each knives

Maintained in a foam box, the knives are protected from everything (shocks, scratches, etc.). A KNIFY microfiber is included in all boxes, it is perfect to clean your knife.

Knives Customization

Make your knife unique

Have the StatTrak of your choice engraved on the blade and add your nickname or any text on the NameTag on the handle.
A service that we are the only ones to propose !

Premium quality

We want to offer the best to our customers

Beyond our requirements in terms of rendering 3D models and skins, we use quality materials and control every step of their assembly. Despite this, a final check is made before each shipping.

Sharp or Dull version

A unique option to satisfy the greatest number

Whether you’re a fan of tricks, whether you want a decorative replica, or just a functional knife. You have the possibility to choose between a sharpened blade or blunt (not sharpened). Another option that we are the only ones to offer !

The hardest thing is to choose

8 categories of knives and more than 80 skins

We offer a wide selection of knives and skins, not to mention the different versions and options available. However, we continue to expand our catalog regularly. Take a ride on our roadmap to know the next outings !


Our stock in a central country allow us to deliver all Europe quickly and cheap

Our Stocks are located near Paris, all orders are prepared there, each product is controlled and verified by us before being sent. All orders placed before 16 pm are shipped same day.


You can browse the website and place orders anytime and anywhere !

Stay tuned for new knives and products release, and place orders directly from your mobile or your tab. Our website is available on all device !