Learn more about us and our story

Our Story

As CS:GO fans, we wanted knives replicas for ourselves, but most of them didn’t looked like the in-game skins, wasn’t manufactured with high quality materials, or just didn’t existed.

Antoine being Photoshop lover, started to design some skins for fun, and we decided to share them with the community, so we developed and manufactured our first models.

Feedbacks have been immediate and really positives, we were regularly asked if this or this skin will be produced and when.
That’s why we decided to get 100% invested into this adventure and to become professional.

In October 2016 we register our brand and open our company … KNIFY.
Since, we have the objective to always provide new knives and skins, and we give lots of importance to their quality and realism. (learn more about our manufacturing methods)

Our office and stocks are based in France, near from Paris. This is from here that all the knives are shipped worldwide.

The Team

We are two brothers aged 28 and 30 graduated from engineer and business school, passionate about new technologies and gaming. This is this geek side which daily motivate us, and our complementary skills which help us to develop KNIFY.


« Big fan from the very beginning, I played as semi-professionnal with players like KennyS, NBK apEX and more on CS:Source. Today, i’m very glad to be able to provide the players the possibility to get closer from the game, thanks to KNIFY. One of my jobs here is to design the skins ; ) »


« Gamer since my young age, loving RPG, RTS and FPS, I’ve always been attracted by the competition and the eSport. KNIFY allow me to be in touch with this environment. My job goes from promoting the brand to the photo shooting ! »


« PC but also console player, I joined KNIFY to take in charge the logistic and stock part. I’m the one who prepare your package and customize your knives (StatTrak and NameTag). I’m also your contact at the customer support ! »